Sewing FAQs

Can I use fabric that I have at home?

YES! Using the fabric that you have at home is fantastic. We recommend shrinking the fabric first by washing it in a washing machine with hot water and a hot dry cycle. Health Care Workers have requested that we use 100% cotton fabric only. It has a tighter weave and therefore is a better barrier. Cotton/polyester blends will not shrink with washing. We will not be able to distribute masks made from polyester and cotton blend fabric.

I don’t have elastics, can I still make the masks?

If you are using our pattern, you won’t need elastics. This pattern uses jersey ties instead.

Where can I get materials and fabric?

We are making material kits. Each kit makes 10 masks and is everything you need except thread and a sewing machine. We are trying to keep these kits stocked and on hand. See Material Kits.

Do I have to use the layer of interfacing that’s described in the Yarmouth Mask Pattern?

If you recieved one of our kits that includes interfacing, please use it. If you are working from materials you have on hand at home, you can ommit the interfacing layer–it is meant to be extra protection but is not essential. We may have interfacing stocked and can get some to you if you need it. Contact Mary Calvin

Do I have to put a wire nose piece in the mask? I’m having trouble sewing it / don’t want to…

The nose piece was designed to create a tighter seal on the nose for a better fit and so that the wearer’s glasses don’t fog up. We have found that a couple of bread bag twist ties or a flat stick of thinly folded aluminum foil work very well. The nose piece wire is optional not essential.

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