Sew with Us!

Thank you for your interest in sewing masks to slow the spread of COVID-19!

We are gratefully accepting homemade face mask donations and will distribute them to agencies and individuals in need in the Yarmouth area. We have worked hard to make it as simple as possible for people to make masks at home and donate them locally. We have material kits available if you don’t have the supplies you need.

The Yarmouth Mask Pattern was developed by Mary Calvin, with the help of Sharon McDonnell (epidemiologist, NP). It is meant to be pretty straight forward with good fit and comfort in mind.  No elastics needed. They looked at lots of designs and samples when developing this style. That being said, we are accepting any patterns that you are working with.

Below is all the information you should need to get started.

Please reach out and introduce yourself! You can use the contact form to say hello. We’d like to know who our wonderful mask donors are!

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