Mask Pick Up & Drop Off Protocol

Contactless pickup and drop-off in downtown Yarmouth. There are two coolers at 3 Church Street in Yarmouth: one for drop-off and one for material pick up. Access the coolers — up the steps, underneath the mailbox — from the driveway on West Elm St, just around the corner from Main Street. (There is often a green Toyota truck in the driveway.)

To Drop Off Finished Masks

  1. Thank you!
  2. Place your finished masks in a bag or envelope with your name on it.
  3. Drop them off at Carla Hunt’s house, 3 Church St. in Yarmouth. (See specific location above.) 
  4. Please email Mary Calvin at to alert her that you have dropped off masks.
  5. If you need your masks to be picked up from your home, email Mary Calvin (
  6. Thank you!!

To Pick Up Material Kits

  1. We will try to keep material kits stocked at 3 Church St. If the cooler is empty, request a kit from Mary Calvin ( via email.
  2. If you need the kit delivered to you, let us know and someone will deliver.
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