Sewing Warriors Fall Update

The Yarmouth Sewing Warriors are up and running again after a much needed summer break. We are making masks for the Yarmouth schools. There are currently 10 women that are sewing. We can always use more help! If you are interested, please contact Mary Calvin by text or phone at 713-385-4708 or on messenger. WeContinue reading “Sewing Warriors Fall Update”

Sewing Warriors Summer Update

The Sewing Warriors is a group of committed volunteers that have donated their time and often their own materials in order to help keep Yarmouth and the surrounding communities safe from Covid. We have sewn masks for 16 months. Unfortunately, I don’t even have an accurate count or list of all of the volunteers. SomeContinue reading “Sewing Warriors Summer Update”

2,000 Masks to Celebrate and More Work To Do

Dearest Sewing Warriors, As of June 2020, we have donated over 2,000 masks to protect people in need from COVID-19 in southern Maine. It’s truly something to celebrate. We know how much care goes into making each of these handmade masks. Even if you donated 5 masks or 10 masks, know that your work hasContinue reading “2,000 Masks to Celebrate and More Work To Do”

Masks Needed for Portland Homeless Shelters

April 24th We’re proud to share that to date we have donated over 700 masks. Wow. And we’ve only been operating for a few weeks. Thank you so much for you donations. The facilities that we have donated to are all immensely grateful. We have a new request today for a few hundred masks for homelessContinue reading “Masks Needed for Portland Homeless Shelters”

Hooray we have a website!

Hopefully this website will make information and resources easily accesible for all. As of April 19th, we have donated 485 masks to organizations in need, including Mercy Urgent Care, Hospice of Southern Maine, Bay Square at Yarmouth, SequelCare, Coastal Manor, Hannaford employees and local asylum seeking families. These masks have been recieved with much appreciation.Continue reading “Hooray we have a website!”