Sewing Warriors Summer Update

The Sewing Warriors is a group of committed volunteers that have donated their time and often their own materials in order to help keep Yarmouth and the surrounding communities safe from Covid. We have sewn masks for 16 months. Unfortunately, I don’t even have an accurate count or list of all of the volunteers. Some volunteers have sewn a few masks and some hundreds of masks. Some sewers left their unmarked packages in the cooler and some wrote their name on the packages. None of us dreamt that we would continue to sew for such a long time.               

I continue to be amazed at the level of commitment that this community has shown. I thank you all with the deepest of gratitude. I have recorded the distribution of over 3,000 masks. I just delivered 115 to YCS for the campers and counselors. The next 300 are going to the Root Cellar and a social worker in Norway. Several hundred went to an orphanage in Romania that is supported by a woman in Portland. I can only imagine the lives that were changed with the delivery of over 3,000 free masks.

The Task Force has decided that we can stop sewing and enjoy our families, friends and the fantastic summer weather. We are certainly hoping that it will not be necessary to sew masks again this winter. I know that we can pull together as a group if it becomes necessary.

I will be happy to distribute any masks that you have made. Contact me at 713-385-4708 or on Facebook messenger. Bless you all. Enjoy your summer.

Mary Calvin

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