2,000 Masks to Celebrate and More Work To Do

Dearest Sewing Warriors,

As of June 2020, we have donated over 2,000 masks to protect people in need from COVID-19 in southern Maine. It’s truly something to celebrate. We know how much care goes into making each of these handmade masks. Even if you donated 5 masks or 10 masks, know that your work has been greatly appreciated. To those that have been pumping out hundreds of masks, we are in awe.

Children’s masks being sorted to distribute to Early Head Start and Maine Families programs at Opportunity Alliance, May 2020.

Here is a list of communities and organizations that we have donated masks to (or in the process of distributing masks to):

Portland Housing Authority
Opportunity Alliance
The Rwandan community of Portland
The Angolan community of Portland
The Congolese community of Portland
Gold in Flight (children fighting cancer)
Safe Voices (domestic violence emergency shelter)
St. Mary’s Health Center, given to their refugee community
The Root Cellar
Yarmouth Police Department
Intermed Yarmouth
Milestone Recovery Center
Preble Street and Portland homeless shelters
Chebeague Island Commons Assisted Living
Sedgewood Commons Assisted Living
The Moorings Assisted Living
Ledgeview Assisted Living
Brentwood Manor
Spurwink Services, mental health agency
Yarmouth Food Pantry
Coastal Manor
Mercy Urgent Care
Hannaford in Yarmouth
SequelCare of Maine
Bay Square at Yarmouth
Hospice of Southern Maine
…and dozens more given to individuals and families in need.

We are so proud of this list and all of the hard work of the Sewing Warriors. Know that what you’re doing is making a difference, not only in the physical safety of our community but also because we sending the message that we will take care of one another.

We still have requests for masks coming in, and we expect that this will continue for some time. Going forward we will continue to prioritize giving our masks to people who cannot afford to buy them, who have difficulty accessing resources and to communities of color in Maine, who are being hit hardest by this pandemic.

The request form for a mask donation is here: https://yarmouthsewingwarriors.com/request-a-donation/ Please feel free to pass it along.

To donate funds to aid our efforts: https://yarmouthsewingwarriors.com/donate-funds/ All funds go towards materials.

Cheers to 2,000 masks and Onwards!

Caroline Fernandes, Mary Calvin & Carla Hunt

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